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(Doug (Lind?)) Find open partitions in $\Sigma _{1/2,1/2}$ that are not weakly Bernoulli. Find invariants of finitary codes.




Perhaps related to [1]?


  1. [bowen1975smooth] Bowen R.  1975.  Smooth partitions of Anosov diffeomorphisms are weak Bernoulli. Israel Journal of Mathematics. 21:95–100.
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Keane and Smorodinsky showed that two aperiodic shifts of finite type are finitarily isomorphic iff they have the same topological entropy ("The finitary isomorphism theorem for Markov shifts", Bull. AMS 1 (1979)m 436-438). One consequence is that an ergodic (algebraic) automorphism of the 2-torus has a partition into sets with nonempty interior and bourdary of measure zero that is an independent Bernoulli generator. The reference above to Bowen's paper shows that in dimension 3 such a partition cannot be smooth. 

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