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Index 0 fixed point of diffeo is removable by small perturbation (Hirsch)




Hirsch mentioned this problem in [1].

In [2], we show that the conjecture is true for diffeomorphisms of 2-manifolds, but only in the C1- topology of diffeomorphisms. The problem is especially interesting within the space of symplectic diffeomorphisms, or equivalently (see [4], e.g., for the equivalence) for zeroes of gradient vector fields. In [3] we discuss how this is related to the proof of the second fixed point in the Poincare-Birkhoff Twist Theorem on the annulus. 

In [3] we show that the answer is yes for analytic symplectic transformations of 2-manifolds but only when certain regularity conditions are satisfied. We also show that the answer is no in dimensions > 2, basically because there are more invariants to consider than just the fixed point index. The answer for symplectic maps of M2 is equivalent to the problem of “removing “ index zero intersections of two 2-dimensional Lagrangian submanifolds in R4.


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