Bowen Conference Videos

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During the conference an automated capture system was used to attempt to record the sessions. The results are very variable in quality, in some cases video and audio streams have been completely corrupted. The intention is, at some point in the future, and with input from subject area experts, these videos will be edited, annotated and otherwise improved. Until that happens they are posted here as an archive.



  1. Steve Smale: Problem of Introducing Dynamical Systems into Genome Biology
  2. Omri Sarig: Equilibrium States and the Ergodic Theory of Positive Entropy Surface Diffeomorphisms
  3. Anatole Katok: Entropy and Lyapunov Exponents: Rigidity vs. Flexibility
  4. Alex Blumenthal: Lyapunov Exponents for Small Random Perturbations of Predominantly Hyperbolic Two Dimensional Volume - Preserving Diffeomorphisms, Including the Standard Map
  5. Masato Tsujii: Exponential Decay of Correlations for Volume Preserving Anosov Flows in Dimension 3
  6. Lewis Bowen: Entropy Theory in the Nonamenable Setting
  7. Brian Marcus: Rufus Bowen Notebook
  8. Yakov Pesin: A Geometric Approach for Cunstructing SRB Measures in Hyperbolic Dynamics
  9. Ursula Hamenstadt: Amenable Actions, Lyapunov Exponents and an Idea of Bowen
  10. Benjamin Weiss: Smooth Models for Ergodic Systems
  11. David Ruelle: A Theory of Turbulence Based on Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
  12. Jean-René Chazottes: Gibbs Measures and Equilibrium States at Low Temperature
  13. Lai-sang Young: Natural Invariant Measures
  14. Mike Hochman: Borel Isomorphism of Systems with some Hyperbolic Structure
  15. Ronnie Pavlov: Non-Uniform Specification Properties for Subshifts
  16. Vaughn Climenhaga: Unique Equilibrium States for Geodesic Flows in Nonpositive Curvature
  17. Mark Pollicott: Bowen's Dimension Formula and Rigorous Estimates
  18. Conference Wrap-Up